A row of four Daisy dolls with ballerina bun hairstyles, floral print tunics and matching tights.

Please welcome the newest member of the Tilly & Puffin doll family! Daisy is smaller than the other dolls, at around 9 inches/22cm tall, and her pattern has fewer pieces, so she’s idea for beginner dollmakers.

Two Daisy dolls, one with a bob hairstyle and one with a ballerina-style bun. There hair is made of felt and they wear floral-print cotton tunics in blue, yellow and white, and blue stretch tights.

You can choose between two hairstyles for Daisy – a short bob like Tilly’s or a ballerina-style bun. Her face is appliqued and embroidered after the head is sewn together and stuffed, which makes positioning the features easier, and her outfit consists of easy stretch tights and a patterned tunic top, so you can dress her in  different colour combinations.

A row of four Daisy dolls with different hair colours and skin tones, wearing floral print tunics and jersey tights.

I have plans to make another cat doll pattern in this size, and also an even smaller doll at some point, but in the meantime I’m going to try out Daisy with yarn hair using this method.