Stitch a woolly Irish sheep with my new Clover the Sheep felt ornament pattern. Clover is eating a flower from the Fuchsia hedges which grow all around the fields here in Co. Kerry.

You can purchase and download the pattern for Clover here.

I thought it would be fun to make a black sheep ornament as well, then along came Seamus the Shamrock Sheep just in time for St Patrick’s Day decorating!

A white sheep felt ornament with dark grey head and legs, with a Fuchsia flower and leaves in its mouth.
A black sheep felt ornament with light grey head and legs and a daisy flower with two leaves.

For the black sheep I substituted a lighter grey felt for the head and legs, to show up against the black fleece.

I made a daisy by cutting six little ovals of white felt and sewing them in a circle, then covering the centre with a disc of yellow felt. If you’re not confident about cutting the ovals freehand, you can use the pattern template for the purple part of the Fuchsia flower. Just snip about half the length off, retaining the curved end.

Alternatively, you could embroider the white petals with thread for a more realistic daisy.

I used the pattern template for the leaf, then snipped the pointed tip to a rounded shape more like a daisy leaf.


To make the shamrock leaves for Seamus, cut three small heart shapes for each leaf, from emerald-green felt.  Arrange the heart shapes as shown and stitch down the centre of each heart.

A flock of shamrock sheep would make the perfect decor for St. Patrick’s Day.

You could also make a black sheep with shamrocks – I haven’t tried that variation yet!

A white felt sheep ornament with dark grey head and legs, eating shamrock leaves and stems.

You can download the pattern for Clover the Sheep felt ornament with the Fuchsia flower here.

Three felt sheep ornaments. two white and one black, with Fuchsia, daisy and shamrock details.