Charlie, my English Cocker Spaniel felt ornament pattern, includes a couple of new elements.

To represent the long fur on Charlie’s chest and belly, I’ve added an extra felt piece between the front and back of the body, which gives a sort of frilled effect when the body is stuffed and sewn together.

Charlie also has a separate collar which can be removed, so you can make him a wardrobe of collars for different occasions!

A golden Cocker Spaniel felt ornament wearing a blue collar
Grey Cocker spaniel felt ornament with black ear and patches and a red collar
Black Cocker spaniel felt ornament with a green collar
Cocker Spaniels come in a range of colours and you can adapt the pattern by adding patches or a different ear colour.

You can watch me making Charlie in this video.

Find the Cocker Spaniel felt ornament sewing pattern here.

Golden and black Cocker spaniel felt ornaments with a red felt ball