At this time of year I go through my product collection, updating and adding new designs, and this year I felt the dogs were looking a bit dark and dowdy, so I’ve given them all a spring makeover with new jackets and the addition of little felt bandanas!

Mitzi the Dachshund has a new cotton print jacket in two colour variations, and Jip the Jack Russell, who was the bestselling dog last Christmas in his red jacket, has a new teal one for summer.

Daisy the new Labrador joins Bailey and Bella, and I’m still working on the poodles and Scotties.

Choosing new fabrics and colour combinations is the most fun part of making my little characters – it reminds me of designing new clothes for my dolls as a child, playing with fabrics and shapes and planning fashion collections for each season.

And as with real life fashion, all my models had to pose on the catwalk (dogwalk?) and have their photos taken!