I spent much of last year working on a very exciting project, and this week sees the publication of my first book!

I was approached by Fox Chapel Publishing about doing a book of felt ornament patterns and, having always dreamed of writing a sewing book, I was delighted to get to work!



The book is divided into four sections, each including five individual ornaments on a seasonal theme.

For example in the Fall Forest chapter, you can make a fox, an owl, a pumpkin, a toadstool and a tree house. Using the extra pattern for the oak leaves at the end of the chapter, you can string them together to create an autumnal garland.


The projects range from very easy patterns like the Spring bird to more detailed ones like the Dancing Doll and Toy Soldier. As with all my patterns, there are step by step photos and instructions, with actual size templates for all the projects at the end of the book.

You can mix and match designs from different seasons and use your own colour palettes to make your ornaments really personal for your own gifting and celebrations.

I’ve always wanted to write a book and it was a wonderful opportunity to work with professionals and learn about the process from start to finish. As I sell felt ornament patterns, I already had experience of designing projects for other people to sew, taking photos and writing instructions as clearly as possible. Now I had to learn how to manage multiple sets of instructions, lists of materials and batches of photos, so it took some organization as well as creativity!


I began with notes and sketches on scraps of paper then went on to making templates and samples, altering and re-making them and trying out colour palettes until I had the four seasonal collections. Then came all the photography and writing, where the part I found most difficult was the “about the author” section!

Everything was sent off in time for the deadline at the end of November last year, then a few months later came the exciting experience of seeing the design team use my photos and text to create page layouts and make it all look like a real book!


Last week I received my advance copies in the post and finally held my book in my hands. It’s available worldwide, in bookshops and online and, like many first-time authors, I’m looking forward to the moment when I go into a bookshop and see it on display.

I’ve already had some “pinch myself” moments, seeing the book on Amazon and other online booksellers, but my proudest moment will be when I put a copy on the shelf alongside all the much-loved sewing books which taught and inspired me years ago, and started me dreaming of writing my own book one day.

You can find the book here and in all good bookshops!




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