I had the sewing machine out the other day so, even though I prefer hand stitching, I decided to quickly make the dolls a batch of new clothes with some lovely Christmas fabrics I had stashed away.

I made Toby’s waistcoat in a bright patterned print, and used the simple trousers from Tilly’s pattern to make him a pair in soft green velvet. The hat is a very simple one made by folding a rectangle of fleece and stitching the two side edges.

Tilly is wearing her own stripy top, and Puffin’s dungarees made up in a cute vintage car print. 

Her hat was also simply made from fleece, with a circle of white stretch fabric gathered and stuffed to make a bobble.


Puffin is modelling a new reversible pinafore dress, which I’ll probably incorporate in a new outfit pattern next year.


I love trying out the clothes patterns using different colours and fabrics, but I also have ideas for new outfits, and the next one I’m planning is a warm winter coat with some cosy accessories!

You can find the patterns for Tilly, Puffin and Toby, together with their outfits, here.


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